Four Haunts

for the Price of One

Enter all four haunts for only $15.00.  Tickets can be purchased at the door with cash or credit card.


Save $1.00 for every canned good you donate to Love, Inc. at the ticket office. Maximum of $3.00 off per ticket.


This attraction is NOT recommended for children under 12 years of age, the sickly, the faint of heart, or those likely to wet the bed after experiencing sheer terror.

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The Haunted Hall will be accepting new victims every Friday and Saturday in October, from 7pm to 11pm.

Located At the Lakes Mall, in Muskegon, MI.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Is it alright for my child? Do you have age restrictions? How old does my child have to be?

      • Specific areas of the Haunted Hall require a minimum height of 42 inches; however, we provide a means of avoiding these areas.

      • For all other areas, we will not force you to be a responsible parent, but we will recommend that you be a responsible parent. If your child is under the age of 12, entering the Haunted Hall is likely to cause permanent psychological damage. We are not responsible for the counseling your child will endure for the rest of their life.

    • Do you accept credit cards?

      • Yes. We accept Visa and Mastercard.

    • What if it is raining?

      • Our attractions are located indoors.

    • Do you charge for parking?

      • No.  We have free parking available onsite!

      • We recommend parking at the main Mall entrance (near Chuck-E-Cheese) or near Bed Bath and Beyond.  Because we are open after regular mall hours, other entrances may be closed.

    • Is the waiting area inside?

      • Yes

    • How big can my group be? Why can’t it be bigger?

      • All groups must consist of six or fewer victims. If we allowed more victims at one time, someone might escape.

    • Will there be fog or special lighting?

      • You may encounter fog, lasers, and strobe lights at the Haunted Hall.

    • Am I going to get dirty?

      • Anything is possible.

    • Can I wear flip flops or high heels?

      • DO NOT wear Flip-flops or high heels.

    • Is it ADA compliant?

      • No, but we are ADHD approved!

    • Are there public bathrooms?

      • The mall has public restrooms. We cannot ensure that they are free of ghosts.

    • Are there fast passes available?

      • Yes, for an additional $5, you may go to the front of the line!

    • Do I have to sign a waiver form?

      • No. But you waive all claims arising from sheer terror.

    • Is there first AID on-site?

      • We have a First AID kit on-site.

    • Is there an AED on site? (Automated External Defibrillator)

      • No. Heart attacks are at your own risk.

    • Can we wear costumes?

      • Yes, as long as the costumes do not interfere with your ability to walk or present possible danger to our actors or props.  MASKS ARE NOT PERMITTED.  If you have loose articles of clothing, you may be asked to place them in your car first.

    • If I panic or get too scared, what do I do?

    • Scream. For help.  And advise the nearest actor that you need to leave.  Security personnel will escort you out.

    • What is the average wait time in line?

      • Unfortunately, we cannot give an accurate time, it depends how many people come to experience extreme terror!

    • Is there a group discount available?

      • For groups of 15 or more, with one person paying for all, tickets are $10 each

    • Can I take pictures in the hall and or with characters?

      • Picture taking in the queue line is allowed. Photos are strictly prohibited inside the hall.

    • If I want to be a part of the hall, how can I get involved?

      • Message us on Facebook and we will get in touch with you.

    • Can I bring food or drinks?

      • No.

    • Are there going to be concessions?

      • The food court is open until 9pm nightly. Some nights vendors may stay open later.

    • Can I bring my purse and/ or bag inside the Hall?

      • We do not have lockers or a coat check at the haunted house. Very small purses and/or bags are allowed in, other bags should be left at home or in your car. Note that many lost wallets, phones, and keys are never to be found again!

    • Are there live animals, reptiles, or insects inside?

      • Maybe. Does that scare you?

    • Can pregnant women go through the Hall?

      • We do not recommend pregnant women to go through the haunted house. We suggest calling your OBGYN and/or Physician to discuss the situation with them.

    • If I have asthma, epilepsy, or a heart condition, can I go inside of the haunted house?

      • We utilize fog machines, strobe lines, and terror. If you have any medical condition, we recommend speaking with your Physician before deciding whether to enter the Haunted Hall.

    • Can I bring my dog?

      • Sorry, no dogs allowed.

    • I have a question that wasn’t answered here, what do I do?

      • Message us on Facebook! We will respond within 24 hours!

    • How do I find out more about your 990EZ?

    Just In Case We Were Not Clear: This attraction is NOT recommended for children under 12 years of age, the sickly, the faint of heart, or those likely to wet the bed after experiencing sheer terror.